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Henrietta Lacks.

Re: Henrietta Lacks.

Postby maggieS on Mon May 31, 2010 4:54 pm

Perhaps the patient should be allowed to be a "free agent" and offer the service of providing a disease for medical research for a cost. If a researcher on the East Coast is willing to pay for the treatment, lodging, lost wages with the possibility of a Nobel Prize and acclaim for the research center, who is harmed?

I think my concern would be more with others profiting from the sale of a relative. Like a parent "selling" access to their child for research. Or people purposely getting pregnant in order to sell their unborn baby for research. I know most of would scoff at that idea, but think of all the other crazy, mixed-up stuff people do and the way some people treat their kids like trash. I do wonder if the couple who surgically aborted their child in the ruebella vaccination was reimbursed; it seems to be undisputed that it was a couple who decided to abort their child because they felt they had enough children. Sad.
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