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Pick one word to describe your child...

Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby 3lilmonkies on Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:41 pm

Tonight, I had homework! My 11 year old gave me a worksheet from school that I had to complete. In one word decribe your child. Then explain...

My 11 year old
Compassionate. She is truly an old soul. Full of love and life. You can look in her eyes and see it. She has this way of just knowing. The way she adores her brother and sister, and is so good to them. I just can't say enough! Her future career... writer or teacher.

7 year old
Vivacious. From the moment she is awake til the second she goes to sleep, she is FULL of life! Full of energy and always smiling or laughing. Her laugh is contagious. She sees life for what it is and lives it to the fullest. Intelligent beyond belief! Her favorite channel is Discovery Channel. I see her being a surgeon, or a marine biologist.

Almost 2 year old.
Gift. I know you are thinking, a gift? We wanted a baby for so long and I never thought I would have him. My pregnancy, it was just bad, such a struggle. He was early, and he was such a fighter from day 1! He just is a gift, and a gift from God. He has given me so much. His little looks, and the hugs and kisses are the best! He makes me feel as though I am complete. He is like his sister and is FULL of life. Always happy and so energetic. Even we he gets out of the car he has to jump... not step like the girls would. He has given me the experience of having a son. It is amazing to me a mother to a BOY! In his future I see him being an engineer or a rock star!

Everyday I see how blessed we are. We have 3 beautiful healthy children. They are so different, yet they are the same. Our house can be so loud somedays but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! Sometimes... and I said SOMETIMES!!! I would love to have just one more child. Sometimes!!! :)
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby annieinkansas on Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:41 am

Oldest: 11 DD: Fair. She is fair in her life. She doesn't judge. She always sees the other side. And she needs things to be fair. Never wants anyone left out. Champions the little guy. Enjoys rules, but requests to change those that aren't fair. Career: Judge.

Youngest: 8 DS: Surprise. Everything about this child is a surprise. His sense of humor. His heart. His love of sports. His talents. Whenever there is a game of any kind, he wins. Surprise. When you see him you might "think" things about him and then he speaks and does and you feel surprised. And then there's his kindness. Yep, that's my guy. And my favorite, cleaning under the couch... there are all his socks... surprise!
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby cnnplus5 on Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:37 am

Cool thread!

DS 15 : Sensitive - always thinking of others and how they feel. Wants everyone to be happy.

DS 14: Thoughtful - doesn't talk much but when he says something its profound :)

DS 11: Impulsive/fun: always does things before he thinks but he is definitely the life of the party

DD 9: vivacious/friendly: this girl can make friends with anyone!
Always helpful and ready to include everyone.

DD 2: funny and expressive! She's two, what can I say! she makes us all laugh all the time!
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby valeriepwp on Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:42 am

DS 16- stubborn. That's why he and I butt heads so much, he's too much like me.

DD 14- sensitive. She takes everything personally, and has a really tender heart. Trying to get her to see that things other ppl do usually have nothing to do with her.

DSD 6- goofball. She's sooo funny. Always clowning around, making noise, trying to get ppl to laugh.
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby Neba on Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:08 am

Cool thread.

DS 6.5: Empathetic. It continually amazes me how he can literally be so emotional about other people and their situations. Example: he knows about kids that may have lost everything to a hurricane and he will sit and tell you exactly how they must feel with the saddest and most concerned look on his face, and then turn around and say "what are we going to do to help, mom?"

DS 2.5: Entertaining. Seinfeld, Jr. The kid was born with a knack for making people laugh, and it's not just blowing milk out of his nose. He thrives off of others laughing at the things he does. Humor is not something you learn. If this kid doesn't grow up to be an entertainer of sorts I will be shocked.

DS 1: Errant. It almost seems as though he does/learns nearly everything in his own way completely different than my other children. He is my adventurer and I think he'll be rock climbing someday.

Apparently it's an "E'" day for me.
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby Mi_Amors on Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:33 am

ONLY: DD is this funny 3 yr old girl who pushes her clean freak mother to witts end on a daily basis. She has taught me patients when I literally owned none. She makes the most hilarious faces that can break a dead silence and have the whole church staring at your crazy self. My love, always getting out of trouble by doing something cute or funny. Everything she is or does is such a blessing and I couldnt of asked for a better daughter
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby SNW on Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:09 pm

DD2- Bold. She is always confident, self-assured, bordering on bossy. People notice when she walks into a room, or wants something. She will talk to anyone and is a very bright spirit.

DS 2mos- Contented. He is so laid back that it takes prompting to get him upset. I have a feeling that he will be following his sisters lead out of a lack of caring.
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby 3lilmonkies on Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:11 pm

They are all so amazing aren't they!
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby frizzed on Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:51 pm

DS 13 - Creative. He started humming at 6 months, before he could talk. He loves to sing and has perfect pitch for years; he loves music and writes a lot of songs and plays piano by ear; he loves to write and he has been writing ever since he could; he loves to draw and we have many non-sensical comic books laying around our house.

DS 9 - Compassionate. He is our little "preacher" boy and spent a lot of the summer acting as a peace-maker. He asked us in the store the other day, "do they have things in Spanish & English to make it easier for people to learn?" He is also very determined. If you don't do something fast enough for him, he will just do it himself. When he was 3, I wasn't getting up and making a PB&J fast enough for him so he started making it himself. Of course I have a picture of it!
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Re: Pick one word to describe your child...

Postby LindseyLou on Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:02 pm

Stubborn :)- Sam wants to do things on Sam's time...not Mommy time, or Pediatrician time, or "What to Expect: The First Year" time. He came into this world on his own terms, and has made sure that every milestone met up to this point is on his terms. :D I love the kid to pieces, he's such a gift to us. He's such happy little kid...I guess we're doing something right!
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