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I feel so helpless.....

Re: I feel so helpless.....

Postby E&Amovedback on Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:43 pm

My 7 year old just made it through the night within the last 6 months. We took him to the doctor, and since I didn't want to put him on medicine, they recommended the potty pager. It is AWESOME! We did the potty pager, and a chart, so every morning that he woke up dry, he got to pull something out of the grab bag with coupons. We did ones like, control the remote, no veggies for dinner, Chucky Cheese's, 30 minutes of extra Wii, you know stuff that he thought was really cool. We sat down as a family and made the coupons. On the 30th day, he got a new wii game as an extra bonus. We are now using it for my 5 year old at night, and so far we are on day one. Unfortunately he is not taking to it as well as his brother (mostly due to his age I think). If interested, go to They are kind of pricey (I think it was $85 with shipping and everything, but you save the cost in the long run getting away from the pullups).
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Re: I feel so helpless.....

Postby honeypie on Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:42 pm

My children are young adults now, but my son had a difficult time staying dry at night. Spending the weekend at Grandpa's seemed to make him more aware, or maybe he slept less deeply. I do know he did not want to wet the bed away from home. And big boy underwear in his favorite character helped too. Your little guy will get there! Just hang in there and enjoy his childhood.
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