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He's only four

Re: He's only four

Postby ashelih01 on Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:16 am

Its been over a year now since i posted the troubles that I was having with my Son.. Since then we have been working hard on his behavior in Kindergardner... The first week or so of school was the worst for him. He was have Red/Blue days at School. Now he ia having more Green/Yellow days. YEA.. :D

I haven't been able see anybobdy from CMH, I turned in Paper work in June 2008. Must still be on that waiting list. His Behavior is improving. I think his root of his behavior was just too much TV/WII/Computer Time.
I started to limited him per day to at least 1.5 hrs of TV/Computer, and the WII has been put away till either when he starts having a full Green months are if he can't to that then its gets taken out during holidays Break.. The only problem I have with him is not able to play with other kids his age. He is not mean to them are just a brat to other kids, He just don't know where he fits with boys his age, are how to strike a conversation with them.
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