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It is a Soccer Game NOT a Frat party..

Re: It is a Soccer Game NOT a Frat party..

Postby moosebane on Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:51 am

I'd be very tempted to report to somebody about the alcohol at the game. Surely there are officials or some sort of governing body to whom you can complain. Alcohol should never be present at a children's event of any kind. Is it not bad enough that you can't take your kids to a Royals game without some hothead getting wasted and ruining it for everyone? Do we really have to tolerate this at our kids' games too? Ridiculous.

As for the rude comments, I wish the parents who AREN'T doing that would get together and confront those who ARE doing it. A show of solidarity among the people who are offended by it may or may not put a stop to it, but it would let the kids know their parents don't like it. Good examples and all that.
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