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Carnival Ideas

Carnival Ideas

Postby proverbs31momto5 on Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:20 pm

Our school is having an end of the year carnival in May. I need some ideas on things to do that do not cost too much. we have a moon bounce already from our Holiday Shop.

We are kind of clueless as to what to do. What have you all done in the past? Our former PTA board has not given us any help at all this year. . .we have been on our own. . .
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby LindseyLou on Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:35 pm

Depending on the age of the kids, of course, you could do a face painting booth. I have worked these in the past, and the kids love them. They are also easy, cheap, and don't require awesome artistic skills. You could also do something like a ball toss into some plastic bottles, if you knock them all over you win a little prize or something.

Another of my favorites growing up was a cake walk. Are you familiar with these, or was I just from a weird little enclave of America? Anyways, nothing made me more excited than to win a cake from the cake walk...also relatively cheap, and if you get a lot of mothers to bake a few, there will be plenty...heck, I'll even help you make some!

Just a few ideas. My school growing up always had carnivals, and I am sharing a few that I remembered, or was always excited about. :)
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby PartyofSeven on Sat Mar 01, 2008 5:33 pm

US Toy (103rd and State Line) has tons of carnival games for cheap. What about a bean bag toss or a ring toss over bottles of pop (win the pop you ring)? A duck pond where all the ducks have numbers on the bottom. Each number corresponds to a prize level. A lollipop tree where the the suckers with colored ends get a prize. Stick dum dums in a styrofoam block from a floral place. Ummm...a football through a hoola hoop or a tire. Balloon pop. Pie in the face of a teacher is always a good one.

That's all I can come up with right now. I'll be thinking!
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby mighty on Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:42 pm

I'd recommend asking teachers and parents at your school for ideas. Someone will know which ideas work well in your area.

We used to have the police come with a radar gun and clock kids throwing a baseball at a large, soft mat. I always loved the cake walk, too! I don't recommend a ring toss over 2 liter bottles of pop (someone always shakes up the one they won, opens it, and you know what happens next). We had a gold fish pond for the little kids, where you give a child a stick with a string attached. At the end of the string is a large paper clip. The child holds this over a sheet we had hung up, and a mom on the other side attached a small prize to the paper clip. We had musical chairs, and all the other games mentioned.

I'd recommend that students buy tickets in one area, use these tickets to play games, and win tickets that they can take to the 'prize room' to redeem for prizes. That way all the cash stays in one place, and (most of) the prizes are all in one spot.

I'd also recommend having some kind of security lined up, because sometimes older kids come in and can cause trouble. Good luck!
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby PartyofSeven on Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:07 pm

mighty wrote: I don't recommend a ring toss over 2 liter bottles of pop (someone always shakes up the one they won, opens it, and you know what happens next).

Our spring carnivals are always outside so this has never been a problem.

I forgot about a Cake Walk. That would be fun. Any kind of desert walk, really.

We sell our tickets ahead of time sending envelopes home with kids. Or they can buy them at school for a little more. Buying early gets you a discount. Then the prizes are given at each station. Nothing fancy. Just a box of fun little things from US Toy.

And, really, older kids causing trouble? I guess our school is more like a "village" because no one hesitates to take care of troublemakers, whether they belong to us or not. I can't imagine getting security.

Dawn, let us know what games you end up doing. Maybe some of us could use the ideas later, too!
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby blessedx3 on Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:53 pm

Have each classroom sponsor a booth..they take care of "manning" the booth and getting it ready. Definately also have a food booth orstand and a silent auction is always fun. We usually have each class sponsor a basket for the auction (beach basket, gift certificate basket, scarbooking basket, movie night basket, etc.).

ring toss
face painting
sand art
balloon pop
cake walk (have students/parents make and donate the cakes)
so many to choose from it
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby risarenee on Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:49 am

Jut wnated to add that the ring toss is a great game too, simular to the cake walk, because if you ask all the students in the school to bring 2 liter soda bottles then you'll have lots of prizes and something to throw the ring around. Our school asks the upper grades to bring soda and the lower grades to bring cakes/desserts.

You could also do a spray paint hair station for 3 tickets (or whatever amount of tickets you like)

Fishing is fun behind a board or curtin, they get a little prize or candy on the end of the rod. Our school usually buys a ton of sale candy from after Valentines day or easter and saves it for that occasion. cheap candy that way. You know, when it's like 90% off.

The face paint is great, because there is always a long line for that, the little ones really enjoy it.

Dunk tank. You can rent one of these from fun services in shawnee. This is usually the most expensive(where you pay the most tickets) game, because the principal is usually the one to get dunked and everyone wants to dunk her.

2 guys and a grill can serve dinner. Hot dogs, chicken and burgers with chips and a drink. They do fund raisers, and I don't think you have to pay them upfront. They set an amount of what they will requre per meal, and then you set the price of what you want to charge to make a profit.

Hoops shoot on the play ground or wherever your basketball goals are.

Have some volunteers start calling now, for gift certficates/donations for a silent auction. Also, our school has each classroom pick a theme like: family game night, KU, barbie, hot wheels, etc and then everyone brings in something for that theme so that a basket can be made and auctioned off in the silent auction. Just wrap all the stuff in celophane like an easter basket. This is an awesome way to make money with out having to spend a dime. After our house burnt and we moved into the new one, we didn't have any halloween decorations. One basket at our auction was a huge tub of halloween stuff. We won the auction, I think I paid like $65 bucks for it and it had probably $200 worth of goodies in it. Great buy and good profit for the school.

Another great silent auction item is asking one of thoes places that rents inflatable jumpers like moon walks if they will donate a few hours worth of thier cheapest moonwalk in the form of a gift certificate to you.

Good luck planning. The carnival is an event we look forward to every year.
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby NorthlanderPT65 on Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:11 pm

Some of the activities our school does are:

pie throwing at their favorite teacher (the pies are paperplate filled with whip cream) The kids get a charge out the teacher getting messy and the teachers are pretty good sports.

hula-hoop contest - who can go the longest.

face painting

basketball shoot

All the rests of the above ideas are great ones too!

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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby soccerscouts on Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:05 pm

Oh, my. Our school has had a medieval theme for their carnival for the last few years. I'm in charge of food, but let me think of some of the games... up old sheets and use them as "bandages". Kids pretend they have broken bones, head wounds, whatever, and get bandaged up appropriately--with watered down red dye to show if it's bleeding or not! Hugely popular! We also do a "beauty salon" where the girls and boys get their hair dyed with spray-on hair color, tatoos, funky nail polish. The dragon egg stomp is where you blow up balloons and insert a prize ticket in it. They choose the balloon and get the prize once they stomp on it and break it. You can do the same concept with putting prizes inside of plastic easter eggs. They stick their hand inside a box they can't see into and choose an egg. If they get the golden egg, they get a better prize!

I'll check with the games coordinator and post more later.
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Re: Carnival Ideas

Postby meandthejs on Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:10 am

Cake Walk! Fishing, Duck pond, that's my kids favs!
All these are great ideas.

Turtle races!! Oh, yes, that was a favorite one.

And when I was a kid, we did a Parcel post.

Parents donated stuff, gently used or new, and then items were wrapped in brown paper, you went to the post office to pick up your parcel (they were place in boxes, based on sex and age, then distributed at the mail "counter" It was loads of fun, you never knew what you would get. To save wrapping, just put items in a brown paper bag.

Think garage sale stuff, jewelry, Hot Wheels, school supplies, stuffed animals, leftover party favors. They made a lot of money off this booth, as it cost $1 and everything else was 25 cents or less back then. It was the best! I recall getting books, jewelry, a doll once. They were my treasures. I loved spending that dollar. I always hoped I'd get two dollars!
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