• I wasn’t going to write about this Trayvon Martin case. I told myself I would resist writing about it because everyone is writing about it. But I just can’t hold my tongue. I’ve been reading all the latest reports about how George Zimmerman followed this 15 or 16, or 17-year-old boy (doesn't matter) who eventually may have come up behind Zimmerman, asked him what his problem was and then punched him in the nose.  Police say, Zimmerman said, the young man jumped on top of him and kept punching him, until Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot the young man in the chest.

    And then after all of this Zimmerman claims it was self-defense.  REALLY? Are you kidding me?

    He’s following a 15-year-old boy who is doing nothing except walking home from the store, with candy and soda. What did he think this child was feeling? I would say the kid was probably scared. Some man is following him. I would say the kid probably thought Zimmerman was some pervert, stalking him.  Rather than run, the kid probably decided to defend himself.  I would argue that was probably a poor decision, but hell he is a kid. Kids make bad decisions. But this stupid Zimmerman character is an adult.  Big, bad, man with a gun following teenagers around in the dark. How stupid is that?  

    I don’t care if he is the neighborhood watch.  The best neighborhood watch are the little old ladies peeking through their blinds and calling the police to handle criminal situations.

    This guy provoked this kid to confront him and then shot him when the kid bested him. What a weasel.

     Do I sound angry? You bet I am.

    I’m mad at Zimmerman for being so stupid. I’m mad at police for not arresting this man and doing a thorough investigation, right away. I’m mad because now that they have botched the whole thing they are throwing out bits and pieces of information to seeming try and make this young man look like a bad kid. Apparently he’d been suspended for having a baggy that smelled of marijuana – SO WHAT. Are we shooting kids for that these days? None of that matters. I think that all of us mothers should be outraged.  We know our children aren’t angles.  If someone started trying to find some bad stuff on our little darlings what would they find to try and discredit them.  There is nothing, nothing anyone can say that would make the shooting of an unarmed teen OK.  NOTHING!

    As the mother of two young men I hate to think they could be shot down dead just because they were walking in a neighborhood that someone thought they didn’t belong in. That is so sick. I suggest to you that if Zimmerman is such a scared ignoramus that he feels threatened by a young 15-year-old who is walking alone mind you – not in a gang- then Zimmerman should stay home and peek through his curtains.

    This stand your ground law is another bogus attempt to make what happened here OK. Yeah you have to stand your ground and that’s just what Trayvon was doing. For all he knew Zimmerman was the perpetrator. Right?

      My Jordan walks to his viola lessons every once in a while and carries his viola in a case that fits across his back like a back pack.  I could just see someone deciding that Jordan with his long pretty dread locks, looks suspicious walking in the dark carrying something that looks like a gun case. So they just shoot him down. And then tell police the black kid attacked me and the police response is; Ok well in that case, no problem sir just go on home.

    I’m sorry, this case stinks. It reveals all that is ugly about our wonderful country. There is nothing right about the way it has been handled and now it is getting out of hand.  You have knuckleheads like Newt Gingrich saying the president is making the case racial because Obama said; if he had a son he would look like Trayvon.  News flash Mr. Gingrich, race runs all through this case there is no way around that. And, Obama is right. Even before the president said what he did, Jordan and I said we thought Trayvon did look like a young Obama.

    Smart people, black , white, Asian, Hispanic whatever, recognize  that race is very much a factor here.  Zimmerman would not have thought this young man suspicious if the kid looked like him or if he thought the kid looked like he belonged in the neighborhood.    

    The one good thing coming out of all of this is that people of all colors and races who see the injustice here, have come together to call for something to be done and to say that it is wrong to just let this man walk away after such a senseless killing.

    Come on people we just can’t turn our backs on this one. An innocent child was stalked and shot and killed.

    Amen! I have followed this story just apalled at how it has been handled and I truly believe this is exactly the reason why conceal and carry laws are so scary.
    One love. (P.S. You can find me at my desk listening to some Bob Marley today...) My mom was on her way to Loose Park after work yesterday and ran into the traffic down at the Plaza. It took her hours to get through. She didn't want anyone to walk in front of her car so that she could make the she inched up to the car in front of her. A young woman said to her "You don't want me to walk in front of your car?" Dang, my mom just wanted to go for a run before dark. Sigh. In the words of Damian Marley: "Vexation of spirit is a waste of time... Negative thinking, don't you waste your thoughts... Verbal conflict is a waste of word... Physical conflict is a waste of flesh... People will always be who they want... And that's what really makes the world go round... Unconditional love is scarce"
    Guys I just re-read this and realized I kept calling Trayvon a 15-year-old. I think it is because I keep seeing my son in his place and my son is 15. Trayvon was 17.
    Totally agree with you.
    Your entire article is so full of rhetoric and false claims that it's hardly worth responding to, but I will anyway, just in case you actually are a "smart" person who cares about the truth. First off, based on everything you've written I have to assume that you are letting race play an issue since you seem to highlight what you choose and gloss over the inconvenient truths that don't work so well for your position. Mr. Martin confronted Mr. Zimmerman and punched him (breaking his nose) and then proceeded to pound the back of his head into the concrete. Sorry if it doesn't suit your outrage, but he attacked a man. Any glossing over which you attempt just makes your entire argument look more pathetic. Mr. Zimmerman most certainly had a reason to fear for his life; head trauma like what he was suffering can easily incapacitate or kill any adult. Mr. Martin was 6' 2" tall and had 6" of height on Mr. Zimmerman. He wasn't being played with. He was being beaten and most certainly had a reason to fear for his life. As for your knuckleheads, I'd say Mr. Obama along with Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton have done more to make this case about race than it actually is. You think that because the young man is black he is automatically being unjustly judged. You have absolutely no idea if Mr. Zimmerman would have reacted differently if it had been a white youth, yet you, along with the knuckleheads, have to make a point about race being a factor. It sounds to me that if you have a problem with racism in America, you might want to start by looking in the mirror.
    nobodies mom - where did that info come from?
    melh23 - the police reports and eyewitness statements.
    nobodies mom - I meant links. It is funny that there were no eyewitnesses in the beginning, according to reports and there was no evidence contradticting self-defense. Now there's evidence supporting it? And Zimmerman initiated the confrontation. I can't accost someone passing my house and kill him if HE defends himself from me. Na, Z is a loser wanna be cop.
    weren't there also reports that the 9-1-1 operator told Zimmerman to quit following Martin & reports that Martin called his girlfriend & reported that he some guy was following him & that he was scared?
    Martin had a choice to make. He had just knocked a man down and broken his nose. He could stay and finish him off, or leave. Bad choices end up bad.
    melh23 - That's right, don't let a little thing like reality get in the way of your fantasy based idea of what happened. Anyone with Google and an open mind can look for the factual, unbiased information about this event. But sure, it might not support your righteous indignation. Oh, and just in case you really are this clueless, the eyewitness accounts have been around since the night the event happened. Please don't confuse your misconception that you have some right to know what happened with how things actually work in a criminal investigation. They don't typically release any details, much less reports on the investigation, until they have completed it. So your idea that these eyewitness accounts are just now coming forward is pure fallacy.
    nobody - post a link - I asked for a link.
    Nobody. Try
    Here's the city website with the initial report from one of the responding officers. Notice there were plenty of witnesses. Here's a few other links
    We should all wait to judge until all of the facts come out. Duke LaCrosse team....need I say more?
    I knew this post would generate a lot of emotion. We should however, in expressing ourselves, leave out the insults to one another, even when we disagree. this case is taking a lot of twist and turns. And I suspect the truth, whatever it is, will come out soon enough. And sure this kid made some bad choices, so did Mr. Zimmerman. What seem to have made matters worse was that police dropped the ball before the buzzer. This incident clearly deserved a thorough investigation.
    @ mara - when you say 'we should leave out the insults' were you referring to you calling Mr. Zimmerman "stupid" and a 'weasel' and an 'ignoramus' or is that OK because he's the obvious bad guy in your opinion?

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